Bank Leveraged, Danish Real Estate Program

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This program is limited to a select group of investors, who are seeking a safe and exceptional appreciation of capital, liquidity, privacy and asset protection. If so desired, if a bank account is invested in Danish currency it also acts an offset against U.S. dollar deflation.

The purpose of HMIís Bank Leveraged Mortgage Program is to provide safe, conservative, liquid and low-risk investment opportunities to Accredited+ Investors. The investment is made directly into a major bank in Denmark, in the form of an interest bearing savings account. Each account is insured, much like the FDIC. HMIís compensation is primarily through profit participation with its investors.

 Min. Bank Deposit
 Required, (Interest Bearing)
 Bank Loan Leveraged
 at 7:1
 Projected 1st year ROI
 $250,000  $1,750,000  21.46%

I. The History
Danish leveraged mortgage programs have shown superior returns for over 20 years, and to the best of our knowledge, with no losses. One of the primary reasons that this program is so attractive is that your investment capital is leveraged by the Danish bank, currently in a range of 5:1 to10:1. For many investors, the opportunity to grow their capital, while keeping it safe from U.S. litigation, is very attractive. Danish banks will not honor a U.S. court order to freeze or withdraw funds; the banks are subject to Danish courts only. The Danish Leverage Mortgage Program can provide you, safe appreciation of capital, liquidity and asset protection.

II. Investment ROI
The return on investment is calculated based on earnings being reinvested. (please see Financial Projections below). The Investor can withdraw the earnings at any time without any penalties. Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance. Actual returns may vary.

III. The HMI Bank Leveraged Mortgage Program
A minimum of $250,000 is deposited into a savings account in your name at a leading Danish bank (ďBANKĒ). The investor has complete control of the account and can make withdrawals of earnings at any time; investors can even make complete withdrawal of the principal. Through an Agreement with HMI, the BANK provides a line of credit to investors at 5-10 times the amount of the deposit, (i.e. 7 times a deposit of $250,000) or a total of $1,750,000 at approximately 3ľ %. HMI then locates the 2nd mortgages or bonds, which bear interest at 6-7%, and brings them to the BANK, who in turn requests your written approval for each mortgage, prior to purchase of the mortgages. It is this safe leverage that creates the high return at nominal risk.

HMI does not control or have access to your bank accounts, except for information purposes only. HMI is compensated through profit participation with its investors. HMI bills the investor directly, a quarterly fee of 15% of quarterly net earnings (gross earnings minus account expenses), if there were no earnings HMI would not earn any fees.

HMIís mortgage group in Denmark locates, inspects and researches potential 2nd mortgages or mortgage bonds on your behalf. The bank then conducts independent due diligence on these mortgages since this represent their collateral (including your investment). There are no additional personal guarantees or additional collateral required by the bank.

Second mortgages in Denmark earn approximately 6-7% per annum. The national foreclosure rates are well below 1 %. There are a number of factors which may contribute to this including the fact that Danish Law does not allow for discharge of money owed through bankruptcy. Another factor is that while bankruptcy may be viewed as acceptable in some cultures, it is not acceptable in Denmark. Danish mentality and moral codes make it devastating not to pay all bills when they are due. Additionally, should a person lose their job, Danish unemployment compensation is very generous and allows most families to stay current on their financial obligations.

The Danish code of ethics is far more stringent than in other countries, especially in the banking industry. In order to avoid conflict, employees of a Danish bank are prohibited by law from making any purchases of real estate, other than their principal home.

The advantages of the HMI Leverage Mortgage Program are:

q    Low Risk

q    High Potential Earnings Rate

q    Liquidity

q    Investor Control of Capital

q    Privacy & Asset Protection

q    US Currency decline protection with Danish Kroner   


q    Bank loans collateralized by deposits and 2nd TD only

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